Weiser Veterinary Clinic 
We understand our pets can be essential to getting the job done in our rural lifestyle, as well as, be important members of our family. Our ultimate desire is to compassionately care for your pets, in a manner that exceeds your expectations!


Are you heading out of town, moving or even during a remodel, allow Weiser Veterinary Clinic to help set your mind at ease. We offer boarding with a full staff of veterinary professionals to look after your beloved pet. With our experienced staff, you can feel comfortable boarding your:

~ Dogs ~ Cats ~ Special needs pet(s) ~ Pets requiring daily medications ~

We provide everything needed during their stay however feel free to bring in their own pet beds, treats and toys.

We also offer nail-trims, anal glands expression and other services like dentals can be done during their stay. Just let us know at time of scheduling and we will be happy to arrange the services. 

Whether you need our boarding services for a day or a month; keeping your pet healthy and safe is our priority!


Bad breath is often a sign of dental disease, which can be life threatening to your beloved pet!

There is evidence of a direct connection of Dental Disease to heart Disease and Kidney Disease. Bacteria from inflamed and infected gums seep into the bloodstream. These bacteria then settle and clog the valves of the heart causing the valves to scar and leak as well as being filtered into the kidneys, causing Kidney Infections.

Like many human dental procedures, the canine and feline dental procedure requires anesthetic and EKG monitoring. Most dentals take approximately 30-60 minutes. While sedated a complete oral exam is performed including probing all four sides of each and every tooth for stability, gingival pockets, recessions and other abnormalities. your pet’s teeth are ultrasonically scaled and polished.

Just as in humans, our pet’s oral health is critical to their overall health and should be checked once a year as a standard, and twice a year for pets with periodontal challenges.


Caring for your pet’s teeth can help prevent other health issues later on in life!

Diets & Supplements

We are proud to offer Hills Science Diets and Prescription Diets for both dogs and cats. The staff at Weiser Veterinary Clinic are passionate about providing the best nutrition for your pet. Everyday they see the effect diet has on the health of your pet. While we could offer other diets, we believe in offering the best nutrition available at a reasonable price.

Why Hill’s Diets are better than other diets:

~ These diets provide ALL key nutritional factors that support optimal health.

~ Hills uses high quality ingredients sourced and made in the USA.

~ Rigorous in-house testing of EVERY ingredient, EVERY batch, EVERY time.

~ Costs less per serving then other premium diets.

~ Hills offers diets for all life stages (puppy/kitten, adult and senior pets) in many different varieties. Choices include grain free, all natural, and special needs diets, as well as prescription diets formulated to assist in the management of specific disease conditions. Diets are available in canned, dry and stew recipes.

In addition, a variety of treats are offered to compliment the Science Diets and Prescription Diets.

Proper nutrition is one of the major components in contributing to a long and healthy life for your pet.

Free consultation is available to assist you in choosing the diet best suited for you and your pet!


Age, arthritis, strenuous activity levels and injuries can slow our pets down prematurely. There are numerous options that can slow the on-set of these inevitable symptoms. Quality of life can often be improved with minor adjustments.

Please speak to your veterinarian to see if your pet is a candidate.

Health, Wellness & Travel

If you have any questions about travelling with your pet, give us a call, we will guide you through the process.

Health and Wellness Examinations

Health Certificates (Domestic and International)

Humane Euthanasia

(For help with Pet Loss grieving visit: http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/outreach/pet-loss-hotline or call 1-866-266-8635)

At Weiser Veterinary Clinic, we understand the decision to euthanize a pet can be an extremely difficult one. When you have questions about your elderly, suffering or terminally ill pet, we are here to help you evaluate the quality of life to determine the best decision for you and your loved one. We will spend time with you long before any decision needs to be made to do everything possible for your pet’s quality of life. We recommend discussing your pet’s condition with our doctors before any permanent decision is made as there are many common and basic treatments, that are not heavy financial burdens, we can utilize to increase your pet’s quality of life before the problem progresses and your pet is suffering.

Each pet and circumstance requires personalized evaluation to reach an educated, informed and supported choice that fits not only the pet’s medical condition but also the family’s wishes. A critical component to consider is not only quality of life for the pet but also for the family. When humane euthanasia is determined to be the needed course of action, we will help you medically in everyway that we can. We will set aside an exam room for you and your family to spend your last moments in private. This room will be for your use exclusively and you may take as much time as you would like and need with your pet. You may bring any special toy or blanket that is comforting to your pet.

Upon your arrival, we will put you and your family in your private room and complete the paperwork with you before the euthanasia. This allows us to concentrate on your pet’s needs and provides you quiet, personal time with your loved one and you are then able to leave when you are ready without interruption.

We also provide euthanasia without owner’s presence if you do not want to be present. This can be handled in several ways: you may drop the pet off after addressing the necessary paperwork or you simply may not want to be present for the procedure but wish to see the pet after the euthanasia is administered. We will do our best to provide your pet with a quick and as comfortable passing as possible – no matter which option you choose.

There are several alternatives to consider with the remains:

1) Private Cremation (Pet cremated alone), a beautiful wooden urn is provided

2) Communal Cremation (No ashes are returned)

3) You may take your pet’s remains with you after the procedure and personally arrange for your pet’s disposition

4) Weiser Veterinary Clinic disposal

Call us, we will guide you through the options and answer your questions to help with each step as we understand how difficult this can be. Many of the pets we see at this stage are pets we have been tending to for many years and they feel like family to us too. We are here when you need us.


By Microchipping your pet (canine, feline equine), you are more likely to be reunited with your pet in the event of disaster, separation or loss. The HomeAgain microchip is registered in a nationwide database and is a quick and simple procedure done here in the clinic.

We register your microchip at the end of your visit with us. No hassle and worry free.

Parasite Control

Fleas, Ticks and Worms can have devastating effects on your pets’ health and in some cases can potentially be passed to humans where they may cause serious diseases in humans. We test, treat and provide prevention of internal and external parasites for your pet.

Rattlesnake Anti-venom is now available.We are here when you need us!

Senior Pets

We all know our pets age faster than we do and we want to do all that we can to help them live long healthy lives. Preventative measures and early detection are always the finest tools for doing the best for our loved ones.

Senior Wellness Exams are designed to establish baseline measurements and detect any hidden illness in an apparently healthy pet. Our veterinarians are skilled at identifying the onset of senior associated ailments. Simple blood work and x-rays can detect many common ailments allowing us to ease or slow painful conditions that many of our senior pets face.

After the age of 7, dogs generally require fewer calories. This is also true for cats 10 years and older. This is the perfect time to address any DIETARY adjustments that may now be needed. Senior foods are formulated with less fat and increased fiber. Many Senior Foods also contain joint supplements to help with arthritis.

It is especially important to have our senior’s teeth checked as Dental Disease will dramatically shorten our pet’s life spam with a direct correlation between Dental Disease, Heart Disease and Kidney Disease. Bacteria from the mouth gain access to the bloodstream through the inflamed/infected gums; these bacteria set-up housekeeping on the valves of the heart causing scarring. This can cause the valves to leak, creating congestive heart failure. The bacteria can also be filtered into the kidneys causing kidney infections.

Please be aware:

It’s not just bad breath that “Spot” has but can also be leading to significant organ damage and ultimately failure.

There are numerous approaches that can be tailored to you and your pet’s needs, speak with your veterinarian today.


  • Prevents pregnancy and the complications that arise from pregnancy and delivery.
  • Eliminates the heat cycle and symptoms.
  • Prevents stray males from seeking out your female during her heat cycle.
  • Reduces the urge to stray and roam. This makes it less likely that you will lose your pet.
  • Spaying also aids in the prevention of Mammary Tumors.
  • Reduces or eliminates the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases in the reproductive system.

Pyometra: An infection in the uterus. Infection in the lining of the uterus is established as a result of hormonal changes. Fever, lethargy, anorexia and depression may or may not be present. If the cervix is closed, puss is not able to drain. It collects in the uterus causing distention. The bacteria release toxins that are absorbed into circulation. These dogs can become severely ill very quickly. Vomiting or diarrhea may be present as well.


Behavioral Advantages:

~ Decreased Aggression – neutered dogs tend to be less aggressive towards other dogs and humans.

~ Decreased Roaming – neutered males will not “roam” when they sense a female in heat. male dogs can sense a female in heat through pheromones. These are airborne chemical attractants that are emitted from the female when she is in heat. They can travel great distances.

~ Increased Concentration – If neutered, males will be much better students with a longer attention span when there are females nearby that are in heat. He will not be constantly distracted by pheromonal stimuli.

Medical Advantages: 

The medical advantages are numerous and even more significant. All are caused by the effects of testosterone on the body or the physical problems that arise within the testicles themselves, such as:

  • Testicular Tumors – As with most cancers, these usually are not noted until the animal reaches 5 or more years of age.
  • Prostrate Problems – Over 80% of all unaltered (not neutered) male dogs develop prostrate disease. Prostrate conditions such as benign enlargement, cysts and infection are all related to the presence of testosterone.


At Weiser Veterinary Clinic we believe vaccinations are the first step in preventative medicine.

A vaccination, or immunization, is a medical way of helping an animal protect itself against disease. When you vaccinate your pet, you make it immune, or resistant to diseases. A vaccine is a specific protein that stimulates the body to produce antibodies against a disease (Active Immunity).

Puppies and Kittens acquire theses same antibodies from their mothers while nursing (Passive Immunity). These antibodies start to break down as the Puppy/Kitten approaches 6 to 8 weeks of age. At approximately 8 weeks, it is advised to begin administering the vaccines series, followed by regular yearly boosters.



If “Spot” leaves mama at 6 weeks old and gets his 1st vaccines at 6 weeks, he would need boosters at:

  • 9 weeks and
  • 12 weeks and
  • 16 weeks – then an annual booster thereafter.

If “Spot” leaves mama at 8 weeks old and gets his 1st vaccines at 8 weeks, he would need boosters at:

  • 11 weeks and
  • 14 weeks and
  • 17 weeks – then an annual booster thereafter.

Weiser Veterinary Clinic offers complete coverage for your pet including:

All Vaccines including Rabies Vaccine, Licensing and Micropchipping upon request

Weight Management

Not maintaining appropriate weight either under or over, each have adverse effects. Food and exercise each play an important part. Being underweight can present challenges on internal organs with long-term side effects. Overweight also called obesity can put strain on the body as well as the internal organs. Obesity can lead to diabetes as well as heart disease. Let us work with you to develop a plan for your pet to achieve and maintain their appropriate weight.

Quality pet foods for maintenance and special prescription diets, to assist in the management of specific disease conditions, are available here, at Weiser Veterinary Clinic for your pets’ health.

Speak with your veterinarian about your pet’s appropriate weight during your next visit!