Kate – Office/Inventory Manager

Kate joined the WVC family in July 2014. She attended the College of Southern Idaho and graduated in 2010 with an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has always been fascinated with production animals and medicine. Kate is our office/inventory manager. She enjoys trying to ensure everyone has the best experience they can while both working and visiting the vet clinic. Kate and her husband raise registered Black Angus cattle and enjoys team roping with friends and family. During her free time, she enjoys riding a good horse, roping and working cattle on their family farm with her son, Jay.

Ashley – Receptionist

One of the first faces to welcome our clients, new and old, is Ashley. She became part of our WVC family in February 2018. Ashley is a shy, quiet soul with an award-winning smile and a great compassion for her fellow clients and their kids. She always enjoyed coming into the clinic with her dad when she was little and jumped at the chance to come to work with us. Ashley is always happy to lend a helping hand to anyone who comes through our door. She is a busy mom of 2 and enjoys spending all her spare time with them.

Carol – Receptionist

Carol has been the glue that holds things together at the WVC since October of 1992. She has a vast wealth of knowledge of the business as well as the medical side of our clinic. She also has many great stories of adventures here at the clinic including the multiple times bulls and heifers have made their way into the foyer. Carol is the friendly face that many pet owners and ranchers alike have come to love over the years. She has raised many fine horses and still loves to be horseback. She can be found on her horse out checking cows most weekends during the summer. Carol also has a fond love of border collies and has several “kids” that travel to work with her and help her with chores at home.

Gina – Receptionist

Gina has been part of our team here at WVC since June of 2020. She has quickly become an essential member of our team and a client favorite. She is a genuine soul and has an amazing way of ensuring all of our clients and patients feel right at home. Gina’s hobbies include spending time with family and sneaking away to hidden mountain lakes and ponds to camp and fish during the summer months.

Jasmine – Certified Veterinary Technician

Jasmine has been a crucial part of our team since the summer of 2007. She is one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians as well as the lead technician for the team. She attended the College of Southern Idaho and received her Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology. Jasmine has a can-do attitude and can fill any position needed in the clinic and does it beyond expectations. She really enjoys working with the many four-legged friends both large and small. Jasmine is a ranch mom and can be found chasing both cows and children on any given day. She and her husband run cattle both here in Weiser and in Harper, Oregon. Jasmine feels blessed to be able to raise her children in our rural community and loves watching them grow.

Carol G. – Certified Veterinary Technician

Carol G. is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has been with us since August 2016. She has a wonderful personality and works well in any position she is asked to fill. Carol enjoys all aspects of her job but finds it especially rewarding helping clients to choose the correct preventative healthcare and diet so they get to enjoy as many years as possible with their pets. Carol is an avid dog trainer and enjoys competing at stock dog trials all over the United States. Her favorite breed to work with is Australian Shepherds and seems to be drawn to all Aussies that make their way through our doors.

Angie – Veterinary Technician

Angie became a part of the WVC family in August of 2016. She brings with her years of experience as a veterinary technician. Angie tackles each day with new and inspired vigor as she enjoys the challenges and rewards of each medical case that is presented. In her spare time, Angie likes to cook, garden and spending time with her horses. She and her husband have both always been active cattlemen and have spent many years raising Horned Herefords. Angie’s fur family includes many cow dogs, several “cow” cats, cattle and of course, her horses.

Beth – Veterinary Technician

Beth joined our team in November of 2017 after moving from California. She joined the staff as a veterinary technician. Beth brought with her years of experience in the vet clinics of Southern California. She enjoys the comradery of her coworkers and being around the pets and animals of our clients. She specifically enjoys seeing the individual personalities of each four-legged friend she works with. Beth’s hobbies include bird watching, photography and taking her horses out onto the scenic trails of the Idaho landscapes.

Joanna – Veterinary Technician

Joanna’s personality and statue is best described as “small but mighty.” She joined our team in June 2017. Joanna has an extensive knowledge of horses and cattle. She finds most enjoyable the time spent out of the clinic on farm calls. Joanna is a hard worker and is very dedicated to any task that she begins. She has recently taken up ranch sorting and stock dog trials and can’t get enough of either endeavor. Joanna enjoys training and working horses at all aspects. She has also tasked herself with learning to team rope and has a natural talent.

Jon – Veterinary Technician

Jon joined our WVC family in June 2014. He has worked in several different settings of vet clinics as a veterinary technician. He originally set out to work with zoo animals and eventually found his way to our “zoo”. Jon has a phenomenal demeanor with any animal he comes in contact with but seems to have a particular affinity to being able to calm and work with stressed cats. He has a quiet air about him as he works and has a great persona with our clients and their family. In his spare time, Jon wows his family with any instrument he picks up, but has a fond love of the guitar. He enjoys spending time working around his home and property with his wife and their kids. He has several rescue animals who have found a safe haven with Jon and his family. Jon is also well known for his creativity and infamous Halloween props.

Aimee – Veterinary Technician

Aimee is a born and raised ranch kid. She joined our team in July 2018 as a Kennel Assistant. She also works with the doctors and technicians when they need an extra hand. Aimee’s background has given her an amazing work ethic and a big smile when faced with any task at hand. She enjoys spending time with her boarding dogs and taking them for walks. Aimee really loves the expressions she gets from her animal companions and how excited they get to see her. During her free time, Aimee loves to hike, watch anime, building things and spending time with her family, friends, and animals.

Sydney – Veterinary Technician

Sydney joined the WVC family in June of 2020 and started her journey as a kennel assistant. Her enthusiasm and dedication to our clients and patients quickly allowed her to become a veterinary technician. She grew up in the Weiser community and we are so glad to have her working beside us. Sydney enjoys learning new techniques and gaining more experience. She can handle any new curve thrown in her direction but we all know she’s got a special fondness for our equine patients. Sydney grew up horseback and enjoys roping, both in the branding pen and in the arena.

Russel – Veterinary Technician

In June of 2020, Russel became a part of our team as a kennel assistant. He quickly became an important part of our team and has graduated to becoming a veterinary technician. No job is too big or too small for Russel. He assists doctors and other technicians with appointments and farm calls but also manages to keep our equipment in great working conditions. Russel’s interests and hobbies include welding, hunting, fishing, riding in the mountains, shooting trap, 3D archery tournaments, and rodeo functions.

Sara – Certified Veterinary Assistant

Sara has been an integral part of the WVC family since August 2014. She started out as a kennel assistant and soon found that she truly enjoyed working in the field of veterinary medicine. Sara studied online and received her associate degree in Veterinary Assisting and now works aside other technicians and doctors ensuring our patients have top-notch care and attention. Sara is quite the artist and always amazes her fellow coworkers with her photography and art. She is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys traveling with her friends and her 2 labs, Castiel and Casey and her Corgi, Fern. Sara’s house is also run by her feline kids, Xander, Willow, and Bat.

Kelsey – Kennel Tech

Kelsey is our newest addition to the team, she joined us as a Kennel Tech in February 2020. She brings a smile with her to work every day. She enjoys spending time with all the animals and people. Her favorite part about being a part of the WVC family is the ability to learn new things with great people. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys reading, writing, using her artistic abilities to draw, and baking. Kelsey is also on the lookout for new things to do and learn and has found that there is a lot of adventures to be found while she helps her siblings with their cattle.